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  • Hello!

    Liz Langley, artist & illustrator

    Hello, and welcome to my studio! I’m Liz Langley, an artist and designer living near the beach in San Diego.

    I love to paint in a variety of mediums- gouache, oil, and acrylic. I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember, studied graphic design & communications at NYU, took a detour into interior design after that via the certificate program at San Diego Mesa College, worked in that field for a few years, and went back to painting after my kids were born.

    I create original paintings, portraits and patterns, as well as a line of paper goods and gift items available at Langley & Co. I keep my love for interiors alive by working them into my paintings, and over at The Langley House, my renovation and design blog. I’m so inspired by our gorgeous world, color, pattern, travel, and women who are doing great things.

    I hope that my art might inspire joy and connection. I dream for people to feel at home in beautiful spaces that speak to the essence of who they are. And ultimately I wish for people to experience lives that light them up inside.

    I love to hear from you, so if you have questions about art or licensing, or suggestions for future blogs or videos, please get in touch!